Does Mike Rashid Take Steroids?

Mike is one of the hardcore training buddies, American bodybuilder, and the epitome of bodybuilding that claimed to be a lifetime drug-free natural bodybuilder.

So, Is It really true that Mike is completely natural or takes some help from the steroids?

Mike Rashid is an epitome of bodybuilding and well known as American bodybuilder.

Mike Rashid bodybuilder

The professional bodybuilder is also a boxer, author, actor, and entrepreneur.

Mike Rashid is becoming a bodybuilding celebrity after professional boxer.

He was born in the March 1982.

Mike has launched the successful company of clothing as well as supplement together with CT Fletcher.

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He is the owner of the gym “Iron Addicts” in the Flordia.

Mike Rashid has a huge followers on the internet or online  where he sold a lot of products.

The website is featuring with YouTube videos, he has over 500k subscribers in the YouTube channel and 727.4k followers on the Instagram.

Mike also sells the E-book and he has various apps.

Mike has won the National Golden Gloves.

In his 20’s, he got interested in the Powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Mike has got the first position in the year 2010 at NPC Michigan natural bodybuilding championships.

He is very successful in the Deadlifting and Powerlifting. He can dead-lift around 600 pounds and bench press around 475 pounds

The main inspiration in Mike life is his father. He is very honest, strong, and gentleman.

Mike said that he never wants to compete in the bodybuilding because it looks like a big fish in a small pond.

Athlete Statistics Mike Rashid:

  • Weight of the body: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)
  • Age: 36
  • Date of birth: March 14, 1982
  • His height is 5’11’’ and 220 pounds of weight.

Some of the people think that he build up his muscle due to amazing genetics.

Some of the people consider that his amazing physique is a result of steroids.

Mike has a huge list of haters as well as he has a million of fans in the Facebook.

So, what do you think?

Mike is a natural guy due to the black genetic and World-class genetics.

Mike Has Talked About Anabolic Steroids

After knowing about steroid allegations on the social media that he is a fake natural or fake natty.

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Mike Rashid Iron

There are many sources who are saying that he is completely natural and free from the drug.

Mike Rashid said in different videos that he does not want his name linked to the steroids or illegal drugs anabolic steroids.

He never denied the steroid use in any one of the videos.

This is a point to consider, If I was receiving a lot of negative comments related to fake natty so, definitely I would take a discussion on this topic.

Through different posts, It seems like he has never done any steroid practice or people should mind their own business.

Mike never says that he is 100% natural. On the other hand, he never denied steroid use and responded to fake natty.

Steroids and Iron Addicts:

In the February 2017, the Co-owner of Mikes gym “Richard Rodriguez” was arrested in $10 due to the selling of steroids.

Mike Rashid steroidsIt may indicate that Mike and his gym involve in the illegal activities.

After steroid allegations made by Richard Rodriguez, the DEA has confirmed that there were no drugs purchased and sold at Iron Addicts.

The actual story was that Richard was importing the illegal drugs or anabolic steroids from China and manufactured them in a lab of Arizona and they send through Miami address.

Mike Rashid has replied the Rodriguez allegations that although he has received a bad comment, he did know about the Richard steroids

After this Mike scandal, he released the 20-minutes of video in which he blamed the local media for trying me to say illegal.

In the video, Mike said that he made mistakes in the past, but I did not try to do any illegal practice to make the money and risk his family.

Physical Signs Of Steroid Use:

Other than Richard Rodriguez steroid allegations, we assume our judgment by taking a look at physical appearance.

Is there any sign and symptoms appear that he really juicing or done steroid practice or completely natural?

The Mike physique never looks natural.

Photoshop Look:

Mike Rashid Alpha workoutThe Mike physique looks very thick, shredded or lean, and very powerful.

If you look at his appearance, so you may experience the unnatural look as compared to the natural bodybuilders.

He is a huge shoulder, bigger traps, and even HGH gut.

It is considered that very strong shoulder, bigger traps, and rock hard muscle is typical for the bodybuilders without taking help of the drugs.

The natural bodybuilders don’t have HGH gut and they have a very narrow and thin waist.

The HGH gut is usually the result of steroid or Insullin stacking with HGH.

The Transformation:

Mike Rashid’s Iron Marathon

The Mike’s rapid transformation indicates that Mike has done the steroid practice.

While these gains are possible without taking any drug. The body fat percentage around 8% is also possible without taking any help from illegal anabolic steroids.

So, we can not say that It is enough evidence.


Mike Rashid and CT. Fletcher both are believed in the over-training and said that in the reality, over-training is really good for us.

Iron Wars 1 | Ct Fletcher, Mike Rashid

This statement tends to confuse us because the natural bodybuilders require a more time period for the recovery as compared to legal anabolic steroids users.

The use of steroids can help you to recover faster within a short period of time as well as increased endurance level.

Drug Test:

We don’t know exactly that which federation Mike Rashid has tested for the drug.

But, there are many federations who conduct the drug test such as the INBA, BNBF, and NANBF.

The most of the federations have never conducted any strict drug testing.

Mike Rashid has competed to the WBFF federation, and there is no any drug testing.


Mike Rashid workoutThe main goal of Mike is to stay fit, durable, and strong for a long time.

He said that it is more difficult to maintain both strength and endurance at the same time, but I like the more challenges to do so, I do this.

Mike prefers the exercises like heavy compounds such as the squats, bench press, and deadlift.

His training has also included isolation exercises.

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The Mike workout routine is incorporated with standing Barbell Military, Barbell Upright Row, And Side Delt Raise.


Mike has received some criticism due to the nutritional advice because one of his meal plans suggests the intake of only one meal per day, which generally offers lower animal protein, plant-based and a maximum ratio of healthy fats.

He said: this type of meal help him to lose the 15 pounds of fat easily.

Mike also advised the natural foods like whole foods instead of processed foods.

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He focuses on less eating because it is a better approach and food is actually killer in the United States.


Mike supplement is the only plant-based protein, green superfood blend supplement, and BCAAs.

Mike Rashid Steroids Cycle:

Mike maintains his size and strength probably through the Performance Enhancing Drugs.

Mike Rashid Training workout

The steroid cycle may include the old school steroids like Trenbolone Enanthate (500mgs per week), Equipoise (800mgs per week), Testosterone Cypionate (1000mgs per week), Anavar steroids (100mgs per day), and Anavar (100mgs per day).

The above-mentioned steroids are based on our opinions, we do not know the actual steroids.


According to overall evidence, it seems like that Mike could have done the steroid practice and use HGH releaser.

The best way to judge is to look his gain timeline and the duration of the transformation.

Mike Rashid is a person who always takes, the harder path.

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He believes that choosing discomfort is better to build up the character and improves the strength of a life which can make him a happier person as well.

In Mike opinions, choosing a difficult path is a sign of willing and this does not make you only stronger but increase strength in the life.

The difficult path has also resulted in the beautiful destinations.